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Ryan Anderson

Founder / CEO

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Ryan Anderson brings the mineral carbonation and particle synthesis expertise. He got a PhD studying sustainable cement production with an emphasis on mineral carbonation and applied geochemistry. He has been working on carbon capture, use, and storage for nearly a decade, starting in the labs that spawned Solidia Technologies. In grad school, he created a novel method to measure the rate minerals react with CO2 and developed a process to produce carbon-neutral concrete. After his PhD, he spent a couple of years as the in-house expert on carbon capture, use, and storage for BloombergNEF, where he was immersed in sustainable manufacturing, circular economy, and all-things decarbonization economics.


Aránzazu Carmona Orbezo

Founder / CTO

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Aranzazu [“Aranza”] Carmona Orbezo brings the electrochemistry and flowing particle  suspension expertise. She got a PhD working on capacitive desalination, which consists of removing salts from seawater using flowing charged particles that also store energy. She became the UK’s leading expert on the technology and even has a dimensionless number – the Carmona Orbezo number – which correlates flowing, charged particle diffusion with the Stokes-Einstein equation. Previously, she worked in regulatory affairs for DuPont to protect public health by ensuring pesticides were safe and efficacious throughout Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. At 19, she led manufacturing for her first startup which commercialized personal care products.

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