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About Us


Our Mission

Parallel Carbon is on a mission to combat climate change by providing an innovative solution that simultaneously reduces emissions and removes carbon. Our approach combines Direct Air Capture (DAC) and Water Electrolysis processes, driven by solar and wind power and utilising hyper-reactive minerals. This breakthrough technology achieves carbon removal for under $100 per ton of CO2 and clean hydrogen production for $1 per kilogram. This dual process not only supports durable carbon storage but also generates high-quality CDR credits and green hydrogen for industrial decarbonisation. By uniting global specialists in the US and UK, Parallel Carbon aims to establish the infrastructure for a post-fossil fuel society, fostering collaboration and prosperity across borders. We are not just about technology; it's about shaping a better, more interconnected, and sustainable world for generations to come.


Our Vision

Parallel Carbon's vision is to lead the effort in mitigating the most devastating impacts of climate change. By 2040, we will permanently eliminate over 2 gigatonnes of CO2 from the Earth's atmosphere annually, heralding a new era in carbon removal and climate restoration.

Our Core Values


Open to New
We are Open-Minded

We are always receptive to new approaches and methods, taking advantage of digital tools and platforms to communicate and collaborate, worldwide — mirroring the global cooperation needed to achieve our climate change reduction goals.


Progress & Growth
We Are Driven

We are ambitious and excited to capitalise on the potential of our approach and overall business model. The equal drive we have for scientific progress and business growth is another crucial parallel that helps tell our story.


For Planet & People
We Are Thoughtful

This is more than just a business venture for us — we are personally invested. In growing Parallel Carbon, we know it will take a collective effort and a diversity of skills and perspectives to achieve our long term goals. The urgency of this mission and the importance of delivering planetary benefit at global scale never leaves our thoughts.

Our Investors

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