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About Us

Image by Bastian Pudill


Parallel Carbon’s <$100 per ton Direct Air Capture process (DAC) uses only wind, sunshine and abundant minerals to realize gigaton scale carbon removal without fossil fuels. By leveraging well-developed supply chains with low capital costs our process will rapidly scale, providing CO2 for durable storage and creating high-quality CDR credits. The technology aligns with the climate imperative – emission reduction and removal, in parallel.


We will permanently remove and store more than 2 gigatonnes of CO2 per year from the air by 2040, mitigating the worst impacts of climate change.

Save the Planet

Core Values


Digital Teamwork and Collaboration

Parallel Carbon began in the era of Covid-19. Our team is developing hardware and methods over two continents and time zones. Despite this challenge, our development thrives. The reason? We rely on digital designs, photos, and written records for seamless project management. We rapidly iterate and improve our technology through shared data, results, and conclusions. Asynchronous communication requires transparency, integrity, accountability, and data-driven collaboration. 

Responsibility, trust and quality come standard. Modern workflows facilitate genuine listening relationships that encourage us to question and challenge preconceptions and assumptions. Through this teamwork style, we iterate faster to create quality products, not only within our organization, but also with other companies in the carbon management industry.


Passionate, Inclusive Innovation

Parallel Carbon believes fighting climate change is work worth doing. Achieving gigaton-scale climate impact is a daunting mission, but we find great joy in developing our solution and value enthusiasm in the face of challenges.

Our team comprises passionate scientists and engineers with diverse backgrounds and multidisciplinary expertise. We believe building a team with varied backgrounds, experiences, and voices is key to overcoming challenges, foreseen and unforeseen. Diverse backgrounds enrich decision-making while generating creative solution sets to drive the invention and development process. By relying on our differences, we successfully push the boundaries of our technology and challenge the status quo. Passion for climatetech innovation brings us together, inclusive growth gives us the tools to find solutions faster.


Global Benefits Through Sustainable Operations

Parallel Carbon derives value from sustainability, so we’ve made this a core tenant of our business operations.


We strive for sustainability through inclusion, community and long-termism. Properly balancing work and life increases individual wellness and enhances productivity. We put our employees and collaborators first.


Direct air capture solves a global problem, but sustainable operations mean benefiting local communities. We strive for meaningful involvement of all community members and regional lawmakers in the development, implementation, and operation of our DAC facilities. 


Properly executed DAC is resilient and adaptable to changing market conditions. Parallel Carbon values sustainable leadership, and will set the standard for high-quality DAC, leading the industry by example.


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