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Parallel Carbon joins other DAC companies to form the DAC Coalition

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Parallel Carbon is very excited to announce that has decided to join other Direct Air Capture companies to form a coalition that will help accelerate the deployment of our technologies, as well as serve as a dedicated platform for DAC education, engagement, and collaboration.

The Direct Air Capture Coalition is a global non-profit climate-focused, multi-stakeholder organization dedicated to educating, engaging, and mobilizing society to scale DAC technologies in a sustainable, equitable, and effective way. Its mission is to serve everyone in the DAC value chain across finance, business, technology, policy, civil society, and academia.

With 22 DAC technology companies on board, along with a growing number of aligned non-profit and academic institutions, the DAC Coalition aims to help build and serve as the connective tissue needed for a thriving market ecosystem.

Coalition members include Climeworks, Heirloom, Mission Zero, Sustaera, Carbyon, to name a few.


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