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Renewable and Scalable Direct Air Capture at Rock-Bottom Costs

Carbon Removal in Parallel with Decarbonization

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Parallel Carbon technology Simple

Parallel Carbon offers the world's lowest-CAPEX DAC process to unlock gigaton scale deployment, unconstrained by grid decarbonization.


 We combine a nascent version of DAC based on passive, ambient mineral carbonation paired with an electrochemical process. By leveraging well-developed supply chains with low capital costs our process will rapidly scale, providing CO2 for durable storage and creating high-quality CDR credits. The technology is compatible with intermittent renewable power, avoids (or reduces) demand for fossil fuel extraction, and reduces the cost of achieving net-zero.

We are building new DAC technology that:

  • Leverages massive, existing supply chains

  • Utilizes low-cost, intermittent renewable power

  • Enables permanent, affordable carbon dioxide storage


Carbon removal credits are a critical solution to corporate and governmental net-zero emissions targets.

Achieving net-zero and net-negative emissions targets requires carbon removal.

Join Us to Reduce and Remove Carbon, in Parallel

Why Parallel Carbon 

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Gigatonne Scale

Supply Chain



Avoids Fossil Fuels

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<$100 per ton CO2